Get a full-text article in XML text file from PubMed Central

1. Search articles at PubMed and click "Display Settings" and select "PMID list" format and "200" Items per page.

2. Go to "PMCID - PMID - Manuscript ID - DOI Converter" page and copy & paste PMID list to convert to PubMed Central ID (PMCID).

- PMCID - PMID- Manuscript ID -DOI Converter

3. Providing full-text article XML text file format .

(1) PubMed Central
- Able to bulk download XMLs of every articles but can't download specific article.
- URL:

(2) PubMed Central Open Access
- Developed by someone.
- URL:
- Example:

(3) European
- Web service provided by EBI.
- URL:
- Example:

4. Automatically download XML files by PMCID list from PubMed Central Open Access.

--------------------Shell script---------------------

cat all_pmcid.txt | while read line;
wget -O ${save} ${url};

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